The Gardener's Hollow Leg

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  is the debris and harvesting bag you wear. It's a fabric sack attached to a belt that is worn while you are working in the garden.  It's ideal for doing light pruning, dead-heading, spot-weeding, and general neatening.  It's handy for fruit and produce harvesting, too.  The belt will hold your clipper and clipper-holster (not included).  There’s even a Velcro-closed pocket for your cell phone or iPod!
   The patented ring-opening at the top makes it easy to drop your clippings into the sack! No more buckets that smash your ground cover or other plants – or that are always somewhere else – not where you need them! 

   goes with you when you are moving around bushes and deep in plant beds.  That's why we call it "A Pruner's Perfect Companion" - it's always at your side!  And no more piles of clippings to clean up at the end of the day! 

   When you fill it up, is easy to empty into your green can, compost container or fruit bin using the fabric handle at the bottom of the bag.  Once again, the patented ring-opening design makes emptying the bag easy!

  may be bought at retail stores listed on our "Where to Buy" page or online using our "Buy Now" page.         


The Gardener's Hollow Leg is manufactured in China in facilities evaluated for ethical workplace conditions.  The sack is made from certified post-consumer recycled polyester.  All packaging materials printed in China on recycled paper using vegetable inks and are compostable, including the cellophane.

Logo and graphic design by Real Time Design.

Put The Gardener's Hollow Leg on at the start of your day's work in the garden, and you’ll never want to be without it!  
  • Convenient – it’s right where you need it all the time.
  • Efficient – no more extra steps in the yard cleanup process.
  • Handy – provides an adjustable belt that will accommodate your clipper holster; there’s a pocket for your cell phone or iPod, too.
  • Comfortable – the adjustable belt expands from 30 to 52 inches.
  • Practical – your hands are always free for other tasks.
  • Compact design – the opening is approximately 10” in diameter and the bag is 20” deep; it holds more than five gallons!
  • Easy to use – the patented ring-opening makes depositing clippings into the bag easy – and easy to empty as well.
  • Ergonomic - it keeps the weight on your legs, not on your neck, shoulders or back; it’s more comfortable when fruit or vegetable harvesting.
  • Safer - both hands are free to grip the ladder when harvesting, cleaning gutters, etc.