The Gardener's Hollow Leg

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Notes about using The Gardener's Hollow Leg

  • The strap handle on the bottom of the bag is not intended to hold the bag to your leg; don't put your leg into it.  Using the handle makes it easy to empty the bag.

  • Rose, berry and other thorny canes may scratch your leg through the fabric.  One customer reports overcoming that problem by putting the bag in front of him, rather than on one side, when pruning roses.

  • Many customers have bought The Gardener's Hollow Leg for fruit, vegetable and nut harvesting.  Here is a list of some of them:  apples, citrus, persimmons, pineapple guava, blueberries, lychee nuts, olives, walnuts, almonds, and mushrooms.  Great for root vegetables like potatoes and carrots.  One customer even bought it to harvest coffee beans at his coffee farm in Kona, Hawaii. 

  • Slip a clipper holster on the belt to experience the true convenience  of the Gardener's Hollow Leg.  Clipper holsters by Felco or Corona are available in most garden centers and many hardware stores.

  • To test how much weight the Leg will withstand, I bought a case of juice oranges and filled it to overflowing.  The bag had 60 oranges and weighed 25 pounds and it showed no weaknesses.  The manufacturer warrants the bag for 33 pounds (15 kilos).

  • At least two customers have bought two bags each to speed their fruit harvesting.  One was an apple grower, the other grew lychee nuts in Hawaii.  By wearing two bags while on the ladder, they could put their "perfects" in one bag and their "blemisheds" in the other bag, thereby eliminating the step of sorting fruit when they got off the ladder.


We use this in our fields for pulling weeds, dead heading, and spot pruning. This works fantastic!  It is well-built and durable, and saves us a ton of time cleaning up at the end of the day. I would recommend this to any gardener, as the Hollow Leg has a ton of uses for any task, big or small.

Nature Hills Nursery
Theodore, AL

Read this independent review of The Gardener's Hollow Leg Jr.!

When my wife first saw me using my new Gardener's Hollow Leg to pick Italian green beans, it worked so well she chastised me for not getting one for her (in the works for her birthday). It is a voluminous receptacle ideally positioned around one's waste for receiving and holding vegetables, weeds and garden detritus. The mouth stays open perfectly, which makes it so easy to put things in, contrary to every other device I have previously used for this purpose. Also, emptying it is a snap using the provided strap on the bottom. The PERFECT tool for the job, and very reasonably priced.

Bob D.

(Location withheld)

A note sent to a gift giver: I wanted you to know that I have no idea how I gardened for four years without my Hollow Leg!! OMG! It is priceless, and so much appreciated. What a thoughtful, kind gift!

Bonnie K.

B&B Owner

Port Angeles, WA

Thanks much for your perfect gift.
We are sooo happy to have our Hollow Legs.
Not only do they make a fine fashion statement,
the great design of the Leg makes for ease of movement, perfect for our beach plastic efforts.
We call what we do "stoop yoga"- bending over, picking up, bending over, picking up 1,000's of pieces of plastic. And, we are especially pleased to see that you even include "beach clean-up" on your list of suggested uses.

Judith Selby Lang
Beach Debris Artist

Forest Knolls, CA

I received the "Hollow Leg" last summer as a gift. I used it, as suggested, as a great substitute for lugging a large basket around to collect my weeds, dead heads, small pruning name it. It is by far my most favored garden helper. But, I have also used it when on a step ladder to clean my gutters or prune some of my larger bushes.  I am "hands-free" and feel more secure negotiating the ladder steps up and down. And lastly, as I live on Main Street USA, I sometimes collect random trash which lands in front of my hedge.....and I use my "Hollow Leg" to gather it and then to dump it in the garbage!
I have just ordered one as a birthday present for an avid gardener who doesn't know what he has been missing!


Riverside, CT

We are daylily growers and dead head blooms at the end of the day.  This year we used The Gardener's Hollow Leg and wanted to let you know what a great tool it is. With the Hollow Leg we were able to finish this chore quickly and easily.  No mess, no fuss, no back ache.  Thank you for designing this great garden tool!


Western Reserve Daylily Society

At the luncheon for Garden Writers during Canada Blooms in Toronto last March, I received a new product, The Gardener's Hollow Leg. Today as I thought about cleaning out the garage eaves troughs where a few little trees were sprouting (about time, eh), I remembered The Gardener's Hollow Leg. Just the ticket I thought, and it was. I strapped it on around my waist, put on my rubber-fingered gloves, and climbed the step-ladder. Using my right hand as far as I could reach, I gathered up the clump of pine needles, black aged compost, and dropped it into my hollow leg. Then I switched to my left hand, swung my leg to the other side and finished that section of the gutter. As I climbed down, I was glad not to be managing a heavy pail. After all I am 84. I couldn't help but think how easy my hollow leg had made the whole job. I unstrapped it and holding onto the strap at the bottom shook out the contents onto a bare patch of earth to enrich it. And so I continued, finishing all in
half an hour. I was very pleased with myself. Thanks to all there for this fine product.

M.B-A, Toronto

I have wanted something like the Hollow Leg for YEARS - asked all the garden spots in my area (SF Peninsula) and they didn't even know what I was talking about!  Obviously, they are "salesmen" and not "gardeners"!
I have about 50-60 potted plants that need dead-heading, pruning, and other TLC and I have had to drag a box alongside me to put the debris in.  NO MORE!
Thank you again!      


If you love gardening, you'll love this bag!  If you hate gardening, you'll love this bag!

Iris Watson, Owner

Thomsen's Garden Center

Alameda, CA

My sister gave me one of your Gardener's Hollow Legs for my birthday and I love it! I have a huge yard and it's such a 
relief to strap on my Hollow Leg and do my weeding without having to schlep the heavy compost can around with me everywhere. It's a very cool invention and I look forward to many long Seattle summer afternoons of 3 legged gardening!
J.H., Seattle Washington

I received the "hollow leg" - and it's great!!!  I plan to wear it at a few of my talks and in my garden. It's inventive, smart and it works!
Linda Cahan

Retail Design Consultant

Author of Feng Shui for Retailers and 100 Displays Under $100

West Linn, OR

The Gardenerís Hollow Leg arrived yesterday and I immediately opened it and strapped it on. My wife and I were both impressed by the professional look and durable construction - love the poppy logo. I proceeded through the garden for a general deadheading and cleanup. It worked great and made the whole task almost enjoyable.
I was amazed at how much I could stuff into it, and how much faster things went. I did more than I intended, until I filled the bag. I then easily emptied it into a 12 gallon container, which it filled by about 2/3 loosely packed. I give it an unqualified thumbs up!

L.M, Santa Barbara, California

I tested the Hollow Leg on my Persimmon harvest; it was great since it saved me countless trips up and down the ladder.
T.V., Albany, California

The Gardener's Hollow Leg is fantastic.
Dr. R.M., Carmel Valley, California

My daughter is thrilled with her Gardener's Hollow Leg and is talking about showing it off to all her friends.  Thank you.
J.T.  San Clemente, CA

Last week I ordered the Hollow Leg and I received it Saturday. I used it quite a bit the first day while pruning some bushes. It also came in very handy for picking flowers and putting them in the Hollow Leg while picking more. The next day I used it to clean and prune my roses. I use to hate that job because of the mess I had to clean up afterward and now, I actually enjoyed it. This product is one of the best I've invested in to help me with my gardening and I couldn't do without now. Great product!!!