The Gardener's Hollow Leg

1442 A Walnut Street #59
Berkeley, CA 94709
Phone 510.735.6165

The Gardener's Hollow Leg was borne out of my life-long interest in gardening.  I tend to wander a bit when I garden unless I have a specific project to complete.  While wandering, I'd see details that needed attention - a camellia branch bare of leaves, flowers that were past their prime and needed dead-heading, a vine that had grown beyond its bounds, a broken twig where a deer had stepped.  Often little things but, once seen, demanded my attention.  If only I could do that in a convenient way, I thought, one that didn't require me to carry around a bucket everywhere I went or wander back to the green can every time my hands got full.

Then there was the more serious pruning question, like trimming up an ivy covered wall.  In no time at all, my spare hand was full and I needed to get off the ladder to find my bucket or go to the green can, or drop the clippings on the walk for later clean up.  Picking up piles of debris at the end of the day was a bane of my gardening hobby.  My wife would call from the window, "Time to come in now.  We've got to get ready to go to dinner at the Smiths and we're going to be late."  Grrr!  What about all these piles of clippings on the walk?!  If only I had some way to eliminate the last minute clean up.  If I only had a bag that was always at my side so I could put my clippings in it throughout the day and dump it into the compost container each time it was full!  That way, when I was done pruning, I would be done! The old saying "Necessity is the mother of invention" came into play and I came up with the idea of The Gardener's Hollow Leg which I now offer to you to make your days working in the garden more convenient, more efficient and more pleasurable.

Here's to the pleasure of gardening!


Bob Blomberg, Owner